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Tips to Restoring Order to Your Life

                                     through Positive Purging





Make a list of what you want to accomplish. Start with the most overwhelming hurdle preventing you from moving forward in streamlining your life’s collection. This list will keep you on track.


Mark your calendar! Schedule the time to organize an area of the room.


Schedule 15 minute sessions on your calendar. Set a timer so you will spend the time focusing on your goals and not the clock. Before you know it, you’ll be up to an hour and feeling great about what you've accomplished. 


Take a break as soon as the time is up or you start to feel frustrated or fatigued. Leave the area on a positive note, ensuring that you'll soon return to the area and achieve your goals. 


Create a ‘current’ box of the most common overwhelming hurdle. Paper!

Clear the room you want to organize (generally the room you spend the most time in), by discarding any items that are relevant to your life and make you feel happy. Temporarily, pack away any items that make you happy, but do not fit in the streamline of your daily environment. Be sure to date these boxes and review the contents within 30 days of being packed. 

Leave an area better than you found it. 


Ask Yourself...

Do you find yourself mentally sorting through your life’s collection in various areas of your home, but feel too overwhelmed to start physically sorting?


If you answered 'Yes,' then it's time to call the Downsize Maven!

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