Let's create beautiful printed volumes of the memories you treasure

Our smart phone cameras have made it incredibly easy for us to take endless photos of our babies, grandkids, vacations, pets, etc., causing our phones, tablets, computers and cloud space to become overwhelmed with the number of photos we’ve amassed.

Let's not forget the boxes and closets filled with heirlooms, trinkets, and our kids’ grade drawings, that we hold on to, but no longer display and enjoy.

Share them with your loved ones

Downsize Maven LLC is available to speak for your group, conference and event

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Your personal information is completely confidential and never shared.

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Hourly rate or 20% surcharge will be applied to solution research, solution purchases or personal shopping.

*$20 deductible fee may be applied to the initial consultation for areas outside the 50 mile radius of Greenwood, IN

A 1-hour fee may be applied for cancellation within 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. 

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