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I became a part of the Bloomington community in 1990, and a few years later I began assisting others with their household downsizing in their homes, storage spaces, and offices.


My initial work in downsizing served to help close family members whose health had suffered greatly due to the overwhelming number of household goods and debris they had amassed over the years. These experiences led me to recognize how an organized environment will lead you to better physical and mental health.


Now, I'm living in and expanding my services to our charming Greenwood community and the surrounding areas of Central Indiana. I look forward to assisting you to reach your personal goals.

My experience shown me that restoring order to our life we gain valuable personal time, increased well being, and peace of mind.

Take the first step to Restoring Order to Your Life

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I'm available to speak with your small or large groups, as well as the individual. I will address the health benefits of restoring order to your life and your personal surroundings, and share some tips about how to make simple changes for your first steps. I offer positive coaching, support and solutions to organizing and streamlining challenges.


By restoring order to your life, you will gain personal time, increased well being, and peace of mind.


Min exceeded my expectations in working with a professional organizer on a major de-cluttering and organization effort in our home. She has a very consultative approach to understand my goals and worked at a pace that met my comfort level and needs. She was able to quickly come up with a plan on how to get started and was able to visualize some creative and practical solutions. I truly appreciated her objectivity, her easy-to-work-with style, thoughtfulness and expertise for a very successful outcome. I highly recommend Min to help you tackle any situation that has you overwhelmed with clutter and disorganization.

Celia - Martinsville, IN

Working with Min is a pleasure. She’s professional, timely and can make your home or work place an organized safe haven. I would recommend Min to anyone looking for help in decluttering your home or business. She can put together a new office into a space where it’s great to work from. You’ll be grateful once she's done with your space. It’s a peace of mind!

Becca - Greenwood, IN

It gives me pleasure to provide this reference for Min Gates, who operates under the business name Downsize Maven, for any domestic project that requires the removal of clutter. Ms. Gates is efficient, friendly and most helpful, and did a truly remarkable job in my house, not only in discarding and/or reorganizing much of a quarter-century's accumulation, but also in making excellent suggestions as to the repositioning of furniture, shelves, etc. The result is quite amazing, and, as a result of her ministrations, I have reclaimed so much space in my home.


I have no reservation in recommending her for any similar project.

Stanley - Bloomington, IN



Min has been beyond helpful to me as a mother of 3 little ones with little extra time. She came into my home and with very little direction exceeded my expectations. After seeing her amazing results I have found the motivation to apply her ideas to other areas in my home. She is kind, personable and I would recommend her to anyone looking to start their own home organizing project(s).

Megan - Bloomington, IN



Min was a lifesaver. When I moved from Bloomington to Hawaii, I left behind a large storage unit filled with a four bedroom house's worth of furniture and household items that I wasn't sure I wanted to take with me. After coming to terms with the limited space in our small Honolulu apartment, Min helped me to prioritize, organized an online sale of valuable items, shipped items I wanted to keep, and coordinated with a local nonprofit for the donation the rest. And she did all of this long distance and at a reasonable price. Min's positive energy was welcome during an especially complicated move. I recommend Downsize Maven to anyone needing to organize, downsize, move, or sell a house after the passing of a loved one.

Genevieve - Bloomington, IN



Min's ability to organize and prioritize is remarkable and her work is efficient, friendly, and respectful of her client's ideas and wishes. She is personable, intuitive and honest and I give her my highest recommendation.

Deb - Indianapolis, IN



A few months ago, Min told me of a project she was taking on for a friend who was out of the country. It included taking an inventory, organizing, photographing, selling, packing and shipping an entire large storage facility that was packed randomly and in haste… Everything from personal pictures to massive pieces of furniture. She also had a deadline which I thought was unrealistic. What I witnessed was unbelievable. I was so impressed, I asked her to help me "organize" my 1200 sq. ft. garage/warehouse. In just one day, I had my garage back, found stuff I’d been missing and now have everything organized and labeled. What impresses me about min is her attention to detail, both big and small.

Mike - Bloomington, IN

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